Welcome to my website!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

I was born in Minnesota but have called Colorado home for over 50 years. After high school I joined the Navy and saw the world, or a large part of it. After returning to Colorado in 1979, I graduated from CU Boulder in 1985 with a degree in History and Political Science, and retired from the Colorado Department of Transportation in 2014. Since retiring, I have much more time to reinvent myself as a photographer.

My interest in photography was instilled by my grandfather, watching him with his German-made Exakta VXIIα, a collection of filters and films, and a light meter. While that interest began in the 60s, it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve really begun to nurture, explore, and expand it. My first SLR was a Nikkormat EL I bought in Japan in 1975 while in the Navy. I still have it, it rests next to the Exakta on a shelf in our library. I currently shoot with a Nikon D850, a D810, a D610 modified for infrared, and an assortment of Nikkor lenses. I marvel at the power of today’s DSLRs and often think how much my grandfather would enjoy them.

Some of my interests include landscapes, the night sky, cityscapes, cycling, live music, and pets.  As a life-long runner and cyclist, I have a natural affinity for those sports.  I've been interested in space for as long as I can remember;  that is probably the root of my interest in the night sky.  I'm a sap for pets and animals;  I can't resist them.  Live music?  Well, rock and roll photographer is the job I always wanted.

For comments or inquiries about my images, or to talk about photography, please contact me, I’d enjoy the chance to talk with you.  Let me know if there is a special project you'd like me to take on.

Thanks again for visiting,

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